Google Workspace X, the perfect combination for Real estate agents

Real estate Professionals, gain in productivity, work more efficiently, and close more deals by combining the advantages of Google Workspace and

Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, offers a powerful and elegant range of office and collaboration applications suitable for business, education, and other institutions. This is a subscription-based update to the free Google apps available to everyone with a Google account and by far the best cloud-based office suite available. When you’re ready to bring your entire business online and give up desktop-based apps, Google Workspace is the obvious choice.

Why choose Google Workspace?

There are three main reasons to use Google Workspace. First of all, you can access your documents from any web browser, or device (desktop, tablet, mobile). Second, you can collaborate on your documents in real-time with anyone you grant access to through built-in chat features. Thirdly, you get a full record of all your reviews and you can recover or restore anything you want.

With Google Workspace, you can add your domain, and then every member of your organization will have access to Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and the full Google Office Suite.

If you don’t have Google Workspace yet click here to access the different plans and start your trial. native Google Workspace integration

If you are a Real Estate professionals, take advantage of the best real estate CRM and marketing platform combined with the power of Google Workspace the best cloud-based suite solution to send/receive emails, create and share documents and schedule your meetings.

The native integration available for premium plan’s users allows to:

  • One-click configuration
  • Send/receive emails directly into (2-way real-time sync)
  • 2-way synchronization of your calendars
  • Add google drive documents to in one click
  • Import your Google Contacts to in one click

What are the uses cases for Real Estate professionals?

  1. Use Gmail with your own domain name
  2. Login to with your Google account
  3. Send/receive emails from any device from or Gmail and access it everywhere
  4. Create and store your documents on google drive and add them to
  5. Import your contacts in one click
  6. Synchronize your calendar, create your meeting on your phone either on google calendar or, and keep all synchronized

How to go further with the Zapier Integration?

Both Google services (gmail, google docs,…), and have a Zapier integration that allows them to connect together but also to 3000+ apps.

Some’s users save tons of hours and close more deals every month by doing that

  • Auto draft contract with Google Docs Template based on the deal and contact information in (possible also to add e-signature)
  • Add new lead/contact to from a google sheet (or generate google sheets from new records)
  • Generate reports on Google Sheet from the data in CRM (listings, events, leads, contacts…)
  • Create Google Docs from property listings…

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