Plans & Pricing is suitable for real estate agencies of 2 users to international networks of hundreds of agents & users.

We offer competitive and transparent pricingThe price displayed below are for monthly plans with no lock-in.  We offer important discount for yearly pre-paid plans.

Plans includes from 2 to 15 users depending on the plan, If you need more users, listings or features you can add more easily  based on your requirements.  

We are confident to offers the most easy to use, complete Real Estate CRM & marketing platform for real estate professionals.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or schedule a demo with our consultant.


What you need to get started including 2 users and 50 listings
$ 19 per Month
  • 2 Users included
  • 1 Team (user groups)
  • 1 GO Storage included
  • CRM
    Unlimited Contacts & Leads
    (+ easy sharing, branded pdf)
  • Branded Brochure & Landing pages for your all your listings
  • Automatic uploads to portals & social networks
    (2 Roles)
    (Search within all your records)
  • WEB FORMS (Branded)
  • Website (Available but charge apply)
  • SUPPORT & HELPDESK: Online documentation, Email


Level up your business with more features including Deals, Email template and segmentation
$ 69 Per month
  • 5 Users included
  • 1 Team
  • 5 GO Storage included
  • All features from Starter plan
  • CRM
    Unlimited Contacts, Leads & Accounts
  • 5 Lists of Contacts & Leads (segmentation)
  • 250 LISTINGS
    (+ smart lists, easy sharing, pdf)
  • List of listings with easy sharing and xml feed
  • EMAIL (send only)
    (with Power builder)
  • 10 Webforms (unbranded)
  • Tasks and Calendars
    (2 Roles)
  • ZAPIER INTEGRATIONS (Integrate with more than 2000 apps)
    (All your contact forms are linked to the CRM no more manual entry for your lead)
  • Website
    (Available but charges apply)
  • SUPPORT & HELPDESK: Online documentation, Email (priority), Live Chat


More features, more listings, email (send and receive) + google workspace, opportunities-listings matching and more.
$ 159 Per month
  • 10 Users included
  • 2 Teams
  • 10 GO Storage included
  • All features from Essential plan+
  • 10 List of Contacts (segmentation))
    General, Deals, Users, Opportunites
    (+deals+Invoices & Quotes)
  • Opportunites - Listings matching (match your listings with clients needs)
  • 1000 LISTINGS
    (+ smart lists, easy sharing, pdf, + google map integration)
  • 10 Lists of Contacts & Leads (segmentation)
  • EMAIL (sent/receive/track)
  • GOOGLE WORKSPACE Integration (gmail, drive, contacts, calendar)
    (with Power builder)
  • 20 Webforms (unbranded)
  • Events, Tasks and Calendars (synchronisation with google calendar & ical)
    (3 Roles) + Ghost Login
  • ZAPIER INTEGRATIONS (Integrate with more than 2000 apps)
  • Website
    (Available but charges apply)
  • SUPPORT & HELPDESK: Online documentation, Email (priority), Live Chat


For established companies & developers, access to all features including Marketing campaigns & Customizations
$ 399 Per Month
  • 15 Users included
  • 3 Teams
  • 20 GO Storage included
    General, Financial, Users, Opportunites
  • Financial Report & Commissions claims
  • 2500 LISTINGS
    (+ easy sharing and pdf templates)
  • 10 MULTI-UNITS (Buildings)Listings
    (+ layouts,+ easy sharing and pdf templates)
  • Unlimited Lists of Contacts & Leads (segmentation)
    (+ mass emailing )
  • Deal financial report
    Income, Commissions, Referrals
  • ROLES & PERMISSIONS customization
  • Ticket system (create/update support ticket)
  • Feedback Module (agents ratings)
  • Tasks Templates
    Create and apply your processes
    (Vendors, Products & Services)
  • Twillio Integration (phone verification + calls)
  • New features (access to new features)
  • Website
    (Charge apply)
  • Priority support: assistance for integrations and migrations

More than 15 users, need a custom features?


Quotation based on your need
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Team (user groups)
  • Unlimited Storage (GO)
  • All Features
  • Customization of settings and modules
  • Onboarding
  • Migration
  • Customization*
    (on demand)
  • Full setup*
    (we configure all based on your process)
  • SUPPORT & HELPDESK: Online documentation, Email, Live Chat

Contact-us today to schedule a demo

Contact Us today, if your have any questions related to our plans and features.

Based on your requirements in terms of Users, Features and storage needed we can send you a custom quote.

We also provide aditionnal services as website, migration services. is more than a CRM, it allows you to manage all your leads, contacts, listings, deals in an easy and efficient way. Our solutions was built for real estate professionals (agencies and developers), it is packed with all the features to handle your customer relations, sales and marketing.

By using our solutions, you will level up and grow your business and save tons of hours.

For instance you can create your listings in 5 min, and share to your clients in one click generating a brochure or share a link via email/messenger, you can upload it automatically to property portals and social medias. 

You can generate leads & qualify in 2min; organize your follow up.

You can track all your sales, including commissions, referrals…

We have plan for all real estate professionals.


If you are less than 2 and have limited amount of listings, you have access already to a number of features which will help you grow your business.


You have a team of 5 or less, and you have more listings, you want to be able to save time by sending email from crm (use email templates), access more features… You can generate micro site with group of listings.


If you want to receive email or using Google Workspace, this is the plan to go for.

All your users will be able to send/receive/track their emails directly within the CRM.

Their calendars (google calendar) can be synchronised in real time with Google Calendar. 

You have also more listings, unlimited webforms.

This plan has 10 users included and you can add extra user.


This is definitely the best plan if you have the budget, and  20 users.

Our paid subscriptions plan are charged on a monthly (credit card) or yearly basis (credit card or bank transfer).

Our system is ready to use and already used by hundreds of users, but to avoid bad users and for security purposes , we will review all applications manually and only grant access to trial for qualified applicants.

To be eligible:

  • Active in real estate industry
    You must be already a real estate agent, developer, or have a business in real estate industry
  • Registered Company or Freelance agents*
    For freelances, you must be active in real estate as an agent. Depending on your country, we may offer you better alternative.
  • Website or social networks presence
    To verify you are in Real Estate industry we will review your website and/or social media presence, so please use professional email and list them during the process.
  • Eligible Countries
    We welcome real estate professionals from all countries that are not on the US & UN Sanctions list

Our platform was developed for real estate professionals that want to grow their businesses and company, and has all solutions that need a learning curve, we will only accept applicants who think can get a value using our solutions.

It will save time for all and allow us to dedicate to real estate professionals that can get the most of our solutions.


Once you request a Free demo or Trial, after you application is approved, you will receive an invitation link with your access.

You will be automatically enrolled to Free trial, and you can at anytime subscribe the plan that most fit your needs, or contact us for support and guidance.


An User is a person from your team/company, that will have a specific access. Each user has a role & permissions, for example can be an Admin, a Manager, an Agent, Accountant…A CRM is more adapted when you are working with others, because you can assign records (ex leads) and also each users can see all or limited records based on their role. For example, you are the manager of a team you want to see all leads, but each of your agent can see only their leads…
A Team is a group of users. When you grow your business, you have several teams & departments. For example you can have a Team for Rentals, a team for Sales, a Team for Marketing and so on, you can adapt the CRM based on your organization.

When you register, you will have access to dozens of videos, interactive guides, and help guides.

If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact us within one click.

Apart that, we offer full services to help you take advantages of our powerful solution and grow your business.

We do live video and demo for you and your team.

Some of our services will be charged depending on the level of support and ressources needed.

For example, we can migrate and import all the data (from excel, CSV, database simple and complex).

We can create your website (check our solution for fast stunning website ready in 24h),  configure your existing website in order all the leads to be automatically created in the CRM, we can help you to integrate with any email providers, google workspace, and even VOIP Phone.

We can help you to save time by automate some tasks… like create automatically leads from emails!

We can setup with your Sales Pipeline, configure the CRM and so on to fit your sales process…

Are you a real estate professional, let's connect?