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RealEstateCRM.io is the most complete real estate software, it was thank and developed for real estate professionals (agencies, brokers and developers).
Manage your all your real estate business including Property listings management, Marketing, Transactions, Daily follow up and Team.An intuitive cloud software available 24/7 on any devices to be more productive.


Contrary to Real Estate CRM which offers just limited features for real estate like manage your leads and contacts, RealEstateCRM.io offers a complete solution for real estate professionals. In addition to save cost, and onboarding time, adopting RealEstateCRM.io will quickly boost your productivity and help you grow your business.

Native features include:

  • A complete CRM to manage all your leads, contacts with possibility to segment into groups and tags
  • Transactions management to manage your Deals with pipeline views
  • Property listings management to manage all your listings in multiple language, generate branded brochure and landing pages instantly; and push to property portals automatically
  • Advanced but easy to use workflow to help you to perform all the actions from the lead generation, opportunity-listings matching based on criteria (generate selection and shortlist in 1 click and share with your client); advanced tasks system.
  • Team and Users management with roles and permissions (possibility to customize, and provide limited access); and collaboration tools including instant notification for any assignation, comments ; and objectives. You can literally track all your team interactions
  • Integrations with the tools your are using everyday as wordpress plugin, complete integration with google workspace (gmail, drive, calendar), VOIP, and more than  2000s integrations with Zapier.

RealEstateCRM.io allows you to:

  • Centralize and secure your data, they are available 24/7 but only to the users you want based on an advanced permissions& roles
  • Manage all your business: CRM, Team, Listings, Sales, Daily actions and follow up, marketing, and track your business with real estate dashboards and reports.
  • Save money with affordable subscription plan and replace multiple tools with only one
  • Save time on Onboarding your team with interactive guides, knowledge base and real time support.
  • Gain in productivity, raise your standard and grow your business.

If you are serious about your real estate business, adopt RealEstateCRM.io today to grow your business and be more productive.


All in One Real Estate Software



Manage all your contacts, leads and accounts with a 360° view. You can keep track of every interactions, and improve your engagement.



Manage your activities and daily follow up with tasks management, calendar and more.



Manage your property listings, buildings & projects (for property developers), and generate landing pages and branded brochures in one click.



Manage and collaborate with your team. You can communicate, assign objectives and so on.



Manage your entire sales cycle from lead, to opportunity, to deal. Keep track of everything with real time dashboards, commissions tracking.



Manage your marketing campaigns and communication. One to One or One to Many, with advanced email builders, emailing system with tracking. Generate more leads by generating website and push your listings to social networks, market places and property portals.



Integrate with google workspace, and hundreds of apps you are using everyday.

Complete CRM solution

Manage all Your Leads, Contacts and accounts With a 360° View to engage more and keep track


Manage all your leads, contacts and accounts


Daily activities

Manage all your tasks, events with different views


Activity Logs and Trackings



Engage easily by email, phone or whatsapp; on 1 to 1 or 1 to Many



Segment by tags, interests and into lists to provide more accurate and personalized follow up


Activity Logs and Trackings


Task & Calendar management

Create tasks, assign to your colleague, synchronise your calendar, and even allow your prospect to book a call with you!

Manage Your Activities

Task Management

Event Management with Google Calendar and iCal Integration

Manage Your Listings


Create listings easily with full information


Share listings via XML and syndicate directly on all the portals, marketplace, ads platform including Facebook and Google


Sharing selection of listings to your clients, team with landing page


Create a multi-units project with their related unit types

Manage Your Team

Team with roles Based Permissions

Most advanced and easy to use permissions systems with possibility to grant full access or limit to team, assigned or specific records


Monitor performance, activities and collaborate. Invite user in one click and onboard them easily with interactive guides.

Manage Your Entire Sales Stage

The sales process is a journey for a prospect, it is a roadmap for a sales person. The entire sales stage include: Leads, Opportunities, Deals, Invoices, Payments. We allow you to manage your sales funnel easily and keep track of what is matter.



Manage all your transactions including financial aspects as commissions with different views including drag and drop pipeline with stages



Manage all your opportunities, and take advantages of automatic criteria-listing matching to close more deals



Track performance and financial aspects with real time dashboards, quote, invoice, and track commissions and payments.



All modules come with differents views and reporting dashboards so you can keep track on what matter the most and improve your performance.

Manage your Marketing and Communication


Email Integration

IMAP/SMTP and Gmail


Email templates

Email templates with Variable and Drag and Drop builder


Emails campaigns with advanced segmentation and tracking


Share Your Listings in Few Clicks


Syndicate Your Listings

on Google Ads / Facebook Marketplace and property portals



Fast and Stunning websites with your property listings. Available in 24h only after order. (multilanguage and currency option)



Generate beautiful brochures and landing pages instantly

Integrate with Hundreds of Apps

Robust Rest API with Detailed Documentation

Integrations with Google Workspace

Gmail/ Calendar / Contacts / Drive

Zapier Integrations

Webform Integration

integrate with WordPress or any Website

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