Main Reasons Why Segmentation of Your Contacts is Essential

Main Reasons Why Segmentation of Your Contacts is Essential

You’ve probably received emails that promote certain products or services. Contact segmentation can be compared to such emails, they are either irrelevant or interesting. The most overlooked part of email marketing is leaving your contacts as is. As a real estate professional, you should know how to maximize your real estate marketing skills and modify your contacts to make your email promotions more effective.

Segmenting your contacts is essential to avoid annoying your clients and keeping them interested. Contact segmentation is especially effective when you have several audiences that you like to keep in touch with.

Contact Segmentation 101

In business, contact segmentation is dividing your contact into groups based on either actions or attributes related to your business. This makes it easier to send information relevant to clients and avoid unnecessarily flooding their emails. Sending them emails they have no interest in can only result in them unsubscribing.

Think about it, it wouldn’t make sense to send an email about a home listing far from school district to contacts who have middle school kids. You should carefully segment your contacts.

Why is it Essential?

Sending information about your business to segmented contacts are targeted emails. It means that the recipients of those emails were chosen as a group for that ad/promotion. Aren’t you more likely to open an email related to your interest?

Contact segmentation has a higher click-through rate than the typical emails sent. It creates a more personal touch, improves conversion of leads, and boosts your sales. As an effective factor in email marketing, reaching your target audience is an ideal real estate marketing strategy for your business.

Manage your contacts in a meaningful way by sending your contacts emails that engage them. Keep them coming back while you continue to make their experience personal.

Segmentation of Contacts 101

One of the most frustrating phases in homebuying is viewing properties that a client can’t connect with. Clients who made up their minds and know what they want for a house will make your job easier.

Based on their Search Criteria

Typical criteria usually involve the basic and significant factors considered when purchasing a home, namely: lot size, home style, the number of beds and baths, and the budget or price range. You can also consider other criteria like home features and location.


Segmenting your contacts by profile would help you understand your clients. The profile segment would outline the behavior, needs, behavior, and preferences. By profiling, you can easily describe the characteristics of the clients, demographics, and psychographics. Only then can you send targeted emails in the unique profiles.

Activities and Interaction level

Consider your interaction level to gauge the strength of the relationship. Knowing which clients have positive experiences with you means they are more accepting of your emails. Their previous experience with you is a good sign that positive results may follow.

The more they are engaged, the better they put their trust in you and will consider doing the transaction again.

Scoring /Ratings

Have you scored your clients? Segmenting them means recognizing the best and top-performing clients. It is essential to measure their contribution to your business and what emails they could be interested in. In real estate, scores and ratings for clients can convert to foreseeable sales and effective marketing campaigns.


Most real estate agents understand the significance of email marketing and how it contributes to their overall real estate marketing strategy. Segmentation is not a new tactic but considered to still be effective when utilized right. allows you to create easily List of Contacts manually or automatically based on criteria and then contact them with beautiful email templates, and listings selections. For more details about email marketing and how it will help improve your strategy, visit!

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